Le Papillon Migrateur

If you’re here today, joining me somewhere in the airs, it is because, like me, discovering the world is part of your reason for living.

I'm like the Migratory Butterfly. I feel this need in the deep of my heart. When I was a child, I wanted to own wings. I wanted to fly. That desire was so strong that one day, I cried. My mother was so disappointed that the next day, she bought me butterfly wings. But that was a toy. I would not a toy. I would real wings, to fly. so much things to discover on Earth, I would fly through the airs, above the mountains, the plains and the seas. So I opened my wings and took the road.   Since then, I’m drawing my way, looking for the light, as a sunflower.

I grew up with always this same desire to fly and discover the world. Today, I could do it. But I won’t. Today, it would be so easy to take the plane and travel to any country just for a week and come back to home! But I also grew up in a family for who ecology was a strong value, and I could not imagine to take the plane dozens of time.

A friend brought me the solution he used himself. Leave for a world tour by hitchhiking, for an eco-responsible trip. Walk, backpack on the shoulders and thumbs up. That’s what I plan to do, once I will be finished with my herbalism studies! For the moment, I discover Europe step by step, and I enjoy!

This type of trip allow to meet plenty of amazing persons, visit special places we would not discover without the good advices of the locals people, and of course travel for cheaper costs.

The plan is to move mostly by walk, car, ferry-stop or train and sleep or in the tempt or by Couchsurfing, and also sometimes stay for a while in the same place and work to learn( thanks to WOOFINGWorkaway or HelpX). 

Then I would discover Europe, and then go through Asia and come back from Canada. But everything has to be done, and I’m looking forward to live it.

See you, here or anywhere else.