Longuelune LARP

Longuelune LARP, organized in collaboration with Elsa Anzules from the association Ki Ri Li, takes place in the Wizard World.

As each year, the six most popular schools of witchcraft are invited to meet for a week-end and have reunions together. For teachers and prefects, it is the opportunity to meet the other schools. 

Meidus Academy from Bermuda, Shakespeare College from London, Brokilien from Broceliande Forest, Scuola de Magia Strozzi from Toscana, Lenggries Schule from Bavaria and the last, the school from Switzerland, are quindly invited to the reunion.

But... wizards of Trasmoz from Aragon are well decided to join the ball, invited or not. There is also this legendary nomadic School of Hundrednames that every body tell everything without knowing anything about... 

So much thinks to discover... but more informations are comping later...

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